I am always looking for motivated students to join my lab. SDSU offers an MS in Watershed Science and a PhD Program in Geography, both with funded GA/TA positions available. Both programs have an annual application date in December. Please contact me if you are interested in applying next year. While I will work with you to develop your own research ideas, here are examples of open projects where I would welcome new research students:

  • Identifying U.S. landscapes at risk of overland flow using geospatial and streamflow analysis.   Overland flow occurs when large storm events overwhelm soil capacity to absorb water, and risks flooding and transport of pollutants into rivers. This project will look for signals in streamflow that identify overland flow, and use these to identify topographic, geologic, land cover and other features of at-risk landscapes.
  • Mapping hydrologic processes across the U.S.   Understanding the physical processes that generate river flow is key to good watershed management and prediction of floods and droughts. This project will analyze USGS streamflow data from across the U.S. for patterns relating to process such as snowmelt, infiltration, evaporation and connection between hillslopes and channels.
  • Groundwater availability in Mediterranean ecosystems. In climates with dry summers, such as in Southern California, many plant and tree species rely on groundwater to survive the summer months. This project will use satellite remote sensing of seasonal growth cycles to identify where and why vegetation has access to groudwater.