• Measuring streamflow using video

    SDSU video

    This short video shows photos of students in my research group taking streamflow videos and flow measurements with a current meter. Our aim is to test ‘Particle Image Velocimetry’ (PIV) as a technique for measuring flow in small, ephemeral streams in San Diego. We are testing different options (type of camera, camera angle, cross section measurement technique, etc) to determine which is most important in estimating accurate flow. Our long term goals are to advance flow mapping in urban areas and to understand what landscape factors control flood flows in urban canyons.


  • International Comparison of Streamflow Uncertainty Estimates

    EOS Research Spotlight

    Our journal article “A Comparison of Methods for Streamflow Uncertainty Estimation” was featured as a research spotlight by EOS, the Earth & Space Science News magazine from AGU. Read the feature here.

    Exploring Uncertainty in Streamflow Estimates

  • Fingerprinting our water

    SDSU 2017-18 Research Highlights

    My research with Masters student Sierra Wallace was featured by the SDSU Research Foundation for their 2017 – 18 Research Highlights. The article (below) describes our work on using stable isotopes as “fingerprints” of water, to track the interactions of surface-water and groundwater in San Diego’s Mission Valley aquifer. Our research is supported by the City of San Diego and will support their long-term planning for water supply and sustainability in San Diego.

    See the full Research Highlights here: https://www.foundation.sdsu.edu/pdf/about_sdsu_research_highlights_1718.pdf

  • Scared of the Rain

    Popular Science Article

    The popular science magazine “Water and Atmospheric”, published by the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research, interviewed me and featured my research on flood forecasting for their story “Scared of the Rain: Understanding and predicting floods and their impacts”.

    The story featured the record-breaking flooding in New Zealand in early winter 2015, and asked Why did the floods occur? Should we expect more? Can we predict future floods?


  • Uncertainty in River Flow Data

    Article Featured by AGU Water

    My journal article “How uncertainty analysis of streamflow data can reduce costs and promote robust decisions in water management applications” was featured by AGU Water on their Facebook page.